Whipped Magnesium Body Butter with Organic oils Lavender Essential Oils 2 ozs


If you are looking for it you know how important magnesium is and how up to 80% of adults have a magnesium deficiency. If you don't you're in luck, I did the research for you! There is said to be over 300 bodily functions that need magnesium to function correctly. Just a few are

Activating muscles and nerves.
Helping with digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
Easing muscle cramps and soreness.
Possibly lessen the effects of ADD and ADHD.
Help prevent Osteoporosis.
Helps put an end to cluster headaches and migraines.
Plays a role in your own body's detoxification processes.

There is also said to be many medical problems that are triggered by magnesium deficiency, that has been proven by science. You can't argue science! Some of those things are:
Anxiety and/or panic attacks
Blood clots
Heart disease
Nerve issues
PMS, infertility and preeclampsia
Tooth decay
and more!

Now that I have given you just a little information about the importance of magnesium I will tell you I make my Whipped Magnesium Body Butter with raw shea and cocoa butters, organic coconut oil, magnesium flakes and oil, non GMO vitamin E and organic essential oils. You can get it in 2, 4 and 8 oz jars. I rub it all over after a bath or shower or right before bed. I have dealt with anxiety a lot so if I start to feel a bit crazy I rub it all over my arms and feet. It seems to help me. I hope it helps you too!

This listing is for a 2 oz jar scented with organic Lavender essential oil. Lavender is known for also helping with anxiety and aiding with relaxation. Try some and enjoy!


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